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    DYNA-MatCH is a high-performance, comprehensive, general-purpose batch utility designed for use on IBM OS/390, and other MVS and VM operating systems. DYNA-MatCH fills the gap between limited single-file utilities and all-inclusive languages that require extensive training and lengthy manuals. Due to its simple design and efficient processing, it offers considerable savings in development, testing, execution and maintenance. DYNA-MatCH is easy to learn and use, and yet it can perform all the basic Programming Constructs.

    DYNA-MatCH is designed to allow the combination of these basic programming elements. This feature gives DYNA-MatCH the power to solve complex problems that previously required programming. DYNA-MatCH utilizes a unique two-step process. The first step creates a work area. The second step processes the work area. This inventive two-step process facilitates the combination of functions, giving DYNA-MatCH distinctive capabilities that ordinary one-step utilities can't offer.

    DYNA-MatCH requires only JCL and simple Control Statements to complete complex  problems that would only be accomplished by writing programs before DYNA-MatCH