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Work Area Creation

Overview of Work Area Creation

    DYNA-MatCH processes records from one or two input files. Selected data from these files are moved into a 4,096 byte work area. The work area is comprised of defined columns and undefined columns. Undefined columns are initialized to spaces. An undefined column will only change when a control statement is used to specifically update the column. This allows data to be passed from work area to work area. Defined columns are updated every time a work area is created. DYNA-MatCH moves fields from the input files or specified constants into the defined columns.

    A work area is created when a specified match condition occurs. The match conditions are either MATCHED or UNMATCHED. When only one file is specified in the JCL, all records are considered matched. When two files are specified in the JCL, a record in file A is considered matched only when its key matches a key found in file B. When its key has no corresponding key in file B, it is considered unmatched.

    The matching logic performs a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many match. Records from either input file can be bypassed prior to the matching logic. When a matching condition is met, defined fields in the work area are populated with data from the input files or constants. After the work area is created, control is passed to statements that process the work area