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    To Whom It May Concern:

      I've used DYNA-MatCH since it was first installed at General Dynamics. While supporting the Electronics Division, I wrote a government billing system that required 32 steps. 28 of the steps were SYNCSORT or DYNA-MatCH. I used DYNA-MatCH to bring data together from diverse files, using selection criteria and reformatting. It would have been painful had I been limited to using COBOL or SAS. And if DYNA-MatCH 2.0 had been available, the system could have been simplified considerably, and I would not have had to write at least one of the programs.

      I used DYNA-MatCH 2.0 while supporting Space Systems Division. I needed to convert a file with many different record types and formats into a standard format. DYNA-MatCH was all I needed. It was easy to code the conditional processing and multiple reformatting for each record type in one simple DYNA-MatCH step. I probably used every available DYNA-MatCH option. One customer requested reports from the download of the Transaction History File. The file had a record for every on-line transaction, each with a different format. All I needed was DYNA-MatCH and SORT. DYNA-MatCH even calculated numeric values needed in the reports. DYNA-MatCH was wonderful and easy to use. It's an incredible program.

      It's very easy to maintain DYNA-MatCH. Comments can be put to the sides of control statements, for future reference. It's so simple, anyone can learn it. I'd estimate it would replace 80% of what's done in COBOL or 4th generation languages. And the run-time is incredibly fast compared to COBOL -- an important factor when dealing with high volumes of data. Our cost savings proved to be considerable. My entire team used DYNA-MatCH extensively during the Space Systems Materials Requisition and Planning (MRP) project. We installed 390 DYNA-MatCH steps into production. The conversion team also used it extensively to convert the old legacy data into the new MRP files. DYNA-MatCH saved us from having to write numerous "one-shot" programs.

      I give DYNA-MatCH my highest recommendation -- everybody should have it. Wherever I go, if they don't have DYNA-MatCH, I'm going to be sad, indeed. I will certainly try to persuade them to get it. It's so wonderful -- I can't imagine living without it!

      Tina Kelsey
      Computer Systems Analyst
      Space Systems