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      To Whom It May Concern:

      I was one of the heaviest SAS users with costs running between $8,000-$10,000 per month. When I started using DYNA-MatCH my costs were reduced by about 70% to $2400-$3000 a month.

      I have found that 90% of the tasks I formerly wrote in SAS can be written in DYNA-MatCH. I had one task that matched two large datasets, both of which were on tape, that ran for 4-5 hours. In about 2 hours I rewrote and tested the task using DYNA-MatCH (it had taken 6-8 hours to code it in SAS the first time). Not only did the DYNA-MatCH job produce the same results, it also ran in just 5 minutes. Many tasks are worth re-coding in DYNA-MatCH because you can often code AND run the task in less time than SAS would take just to run it. Its the most impressive piece of software I've seen since SYNCSORT!

    Robert Montague
    Material Department
    General Dynamics Corporation

    2214 Dartmouth  Arlington, Texas 76015