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      To Whom It May Concern:

      I used DYNA-MatCH quite a bit on our financial consolidation project. We had four months to bring two divisions back together that had originally taken more than a year to split out. The deadline was fixed at December 31st because they wanted to close the old books on two divisions and open the new books on one division at the beginning of the new year. We needed something that was going to make things quicker and easier. DYNA-MatCH really helped­mostly in cutting down run times and in getting our requirements verified before doing any programming.

      We had SAS jobs that were taking forever to run because of the amount of data that was coming in from two different divisions. It was affecting the batch window. We had only so much time while the systems were down to get the batch jobs run, and we were finding that we didn't have enough time. Tremendous time savings were realized by replacing SAS programs with DYNA-MatCH and SYNCSORT. In some cases, we used DYNA-MatCH to extract what SAS really wanted, used SYNCSORT to sort it and then used SAS to do the output report. For example, one was an hour running job that we got down to 5 minutes. The bottleneck was SAS. In other cases, we eliminated SAS completely and just used DYNA-MatCH and SYNCSORT. We saved a lot of CPU time.

      We also did a lot of extracting of data files and merging of data sets for which we used DYNA-MatCH and SYNCSORT. Because of the volume of data, in some cases we even had to purge data off files. The accounting people would give us the criteria and we used & to pull the records off the files and give them a listing of what would be purged. We did a lot of "quick and dirty" ad hoc runs to show that the programs were going to do what we thought they were going to do. DYNA-MatCH was used to refine many of the program specs.


      We also had two users who were very proficient in DYNA-MatCH who would use it for verification. It's pretty easy to pick up on. DYNA-MatCH is very easy to use, with minimal JCL requirements. Basically, you use just one set of JCL, change your input and output files, and run your set of parameters (your control statements). It's an invaluable quick response tool!

    Mike Mueller
    Computer Systems Specialist Senior
    Former Employee of General Dynamics Corporation