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    To Whom It May Concern:

      DYNA-MatCH was particularly useful during our conversion from the old MRP system to select data and pare it down into what was required by the new database system. We also use DYNA-MatCH's simple reporting feature to present data in a format that's easy to read. Across CSC, including the MRP team that I lead, there's a lot of DYNA-MatCH use.

      Because DYNA-MatCH is much more efficient than the old methodology of writing a COBOL program to do a match, I always consider whether DYNA-MatCH can be used before starting an application. Significant savings are realized in development time as well as processing costs.

      In my estimation, on average it would take a full day to write a match application­to develop and thoroughly test it. With DYNA-MatCH, you can do the same thing in about an hour.

      DYNA-MatCH has many features including some that would be difficult to do in a COBOL program, e.g. the EXPLODE (a many-to-many match). As a utility it's very easy to code once you're familiar with it.

      I think it's a good product. I recommend it.

    Kathy Golec
    Computer Systems Specialist
    MRP Project Lead