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David Cole

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    To whom it may concern:

      Anyone who is familiar with SyncSort knows it is far more than a good sort/merge utility. It can be used to extract records, split files, create reports, copy or print datasets, and much more. Likewise, DYNA-MatCH is a powerful utility which can be used to accomplish many different tasks quickly and easily.

      In the first two weeks after I learned about DYNA-MatCH I used it for six different tasks, all of which would have normally required a "one-shot" program. I have found DYNA-MatCH to be an extremely flexible tool with a great variety of uses.

      Despite its power, DYNA-MatCH only uses about a dozen control statements, making it easy to learn and extremely simple to use. It takes only a few minutes to create a DYNA-MatCH application to do such tasks such as:

      • Combine fields from matching records in two keyed files
      • Extract records which are present in both File A and File B
      • Extract records which are present in File A but not File B
      • Create a list of records based on values of fields in matching records of two files (you can even compare two fields to each other)
      • Update one or more fields in File A with data from File B
      • Create audit reports of invalid or inconsistent data in multiple files
      • Compare two keyed files, creating an output file containing the actual unmatched records to be used in another step, or creating a production‹quality report of unmatched data.

      The list of potential uses goes on and on. In every case mentioned above, a simple change to the JCL allows you to choose between a formatted report with page numbers and headings, or a file which can be used for further processing.

      DYNA-MatCH has saved my coworkers and myself many hours of programming time. Before I write a program, I now ask myself, "Can this be done with DYNA-MatCH?" I'm still amazed at how often the answer is "Yes!"

      If you have any questions about the benefits of using DYNA-MatCH or would like for me to put you in touch with other programmers who use DYNA-MatCH, please give me a call.


    David Cole
    Senior Computer Systems Analyst
    General Dynamics, Data Systems Division, Central Center