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    To Whom It May Concern:

      Here are some of the highlights of my experience with DYNA-MatCH. I'm really sold on it. My project  team saved over half a million dollars in one year using DYNA-MatCH. The savings were in both  development and maintenance costs, but the biggest savings were in maintenance. We pulled some of the  internal table look up routines outside of the COBOL programs and did the look up with DYNA-MatCH.  It saved a lot in execution time and operating costs. Any time random matches are done in a COBOL  routine, it takes a lot of CPU time. A sequential match with DYNA-MatCH is real quick. It has superb  features such as MATCH, NOMATCH and EXPLODE.

      DYNA-MatCH is very simple to learn. With the documentation, anyone can become an expert in just a  couple of hours. I was self-taught with the documentation that was supplied­I even taught a 30-minute  brown bag class on it and helped most of the people in Pomona to get started using it.

      Every time we use DYNA-MatCH we realize a savings, and document them under significant items.  (Once or twice a month we'll save $1000 or $2000, and it just keeps accumulating.) I haven't calculated the  cumulative savings from DYNA-MatCH since that one major project.

      My DYNA-MatCH routines are my most reliable and abend free on the mainframe. I've never had a  system fail due to the malfunction of DYNA-MatCH. This has saved me a lot of late night calls.

      There was one programmer here who was pretty set in his ways. I kept talking to him about DYNA- MatCH and how it could save. He used COBOL exclusively, and didn't want to change. One time we had  a bet. He did a COBOL program, and I did the task using DYNA-MatCH, with 3 or 4 different steps.  Mine ran faster than his did, so we installed mine. It took me about an hour to develop; it took him about 7  hours. After that he never said any more and started using DYNA-MatCH.


      I frequently use DYNA-MatCH as a quick response tool, because it's so easy to set up. You can produce  quick reports out of it. It's faster to set up than any other utility (other than maybe a simple sort).

      I love it. It's been a great routine for me.

    Dale Armstrong
    Computer Systems Specialist